Gronlandic Edit


I really don’t know of Montreal’s oeuvre much at all, but I like “Gronlandic Edit” from their 2007 album Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?.  A lot.

Listen to it here.




Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” has undeniable groove.  It’s been in my rotation since “Awaken, My Love!” was released at the end of last year, and I doubt it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

Listen to “Redbone” here on Spotify, and here‘s some actual Redbone for ya.

Huey Newton


St. Vincent was among my listening obsessions this week  (this post was nearly about her song “Cruel” from Strange Mercy, 2011).  In high school, one of my best friends convinced me to start listening to her music simply by telling me she’s perfect.  It was hard to argue with his logic, so listen I did.

“Huey Newton” is a weird song, but it’s that kind of weird that draws me in.  It’s from her album St. Vincent, released in 2014.  The song’s end also makes a great transition into “Digital Witness.”

Listen to “Huey Newton” on Spotify here.

Sexual Healing


I went West Coast Swing dancing this week, which always gets lively dance tunes stuck in my head for a few days. My pick for you from my WCS playlist is Kygo’s remix of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing.”  It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it.  But actually, the song’s got groove.  I recommend cranking it up and jamming out.

Listen to the Kygo remix on Spotify here, and the original here.

Kindness Be Conceived


For whatever reason, I was grooving with Thao & the Get Down Stay Down all this week.  One of my favorite songs of theirs is “Kindness Be Conceived” featuring Joanna Newsom from the album We the Common released in 2013.  It’s old-timey and just a little bit sad.

Listen to it here on Spotify.

No Woman


A good friend introduced me to Whitney last summer shortly after they released their debut album, Light Upon the Lake.  I was immediately hooked, and have been listening to the album frequently since.  I think its opening track, “No Woman,” is particularly mind-blowing…  Its guitar riff is enchanting, and the song has some great transitions.

Whitney was named Best New Artist in the Pitchfork Readers’ Poll 2016, and Light Upon the Lake made Pitchfork’s 50 Best Albums of 2016 list.

Listen to “No Woman” here on Spotify.

Sleeping Lessons


I haven’t listened to the Shins in a long while, but they popped into the circulation recently.

My album of choice this week from them has been Wincing The Night Away, released in 2007. I could have singled out almost any of the album’s songs, but for you here I have the opening track, “Sleeping Lessons.”  It’s nice and mellow, with a peaceful riff flowing throughout.

Listen to it here (and the entire album here, because it’s good and why not?) on Spotify.